Imperial Cost Control was helping a law firm expand its accounting functions to meet a higher case load.  The Managing Partner pointed out a problem.  One of their clients had been showing an unpaid balance of $55,000 for a long time.

He said they were a model client, paying their bills on time, budgeting for legal expenses and never questioning their billings.  So how did this outstanding balance occur and why was it never taken care of?

Imperial reconciled the client’s account going back two full years and the problem was found.  $55,000 of payments to the law firm were applied to the wrong invoices two years ago.  The actual correct invoices were never sent.

This was a welcomed discovery.  A meeting was called with the client, the Managing Partner, Imperial Cost Control, and the firm’s lead attorney for their client.  The outstanding bill was paid and the relationship stayed strong. It is a testament to good client service, and high-quality professional work all around.

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