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Many companies have found that outsourcing their bookkeeping provides better reporting, scaling for growth, and segregation of duties to avoid fraud. In today’s market, companies have found they can save as much as 60% from their current cost of a full-time accounting staff by outsourcing the function to Imperial. Contact us and we can show you real-life case studies of how we were able to improve the accounting function for other clients at a fraction of the cost they were previously paying.

When You Should
Consider Outsourcing
Your Bookkeeping:

Your current process fails to produce timely and accurate reporting

The management team is spending more than 2 hours per week on the accounting function

You wish to augment your current staff at month-end, quarter-end or year-end close

The same person who reconciles your bank statements can also write checks on the account

How We Charge

We will complete a detailed analysis of the current state of your accounting function, which, in our experience, differs by industry and size of the company.

Some considerations include:

  • Number of monthly invoices to your customers
  • Number of invoices from your vendors
  • Complexity of chart of accounts
  • Accounting system sophistication
  • Required management reporting

Based on the findings of such diligence, we will provide a monthly fee estimate for our services, and most importantly, stick to that estimate rather than sticking it to you in the form of surprise billing and overages.

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