Audit Preparation Services
CPA Firm Clients 

Operating margins for most audit practices suffer because of issues on the client side, such as poor client documentation, lack of controls or processes, and missed deadlines for PBC documents.  This affects scheduling, wears heavily on your people during busy season and can create tension in the client relationship.

That’s where Audit Preparation Services from Imperial can help.  Our highly seasoned professionals have worked in both industry and in public accounting and can provide guidance and supervision to your clients’ financial reporting that external audit firms cannot, for independence reasons.   

Imperial is not a CPA firm. We do not perform audits or file tax returns. We do not offer Assurance or Attestation Services.

We “cleanup and catch-up” and fine-tune tasks, resources, policies, and procedures so you can optimize your new client relationship from the outset, or avoid known issues with current clients. 

Imperial is ready to tackle detailed work before the audit – with focus and efficiency when it’s too difficult for your client to move people away from their current responsibilities and when there is too much discovery and discussion needed from your team to help the client make the necessary changes to prepare for the audit. 

Here are some of the Audit Preparation Services Imperial has recently provided to lower middle market companies to result in a smoother, more efficient external audit process for you and your client.


  • Coordinate directly with the audit team
  • Ensure reconciliations agree to general ledger, or create new templates for reconciliations and propose adjustments as needed
  • Review accuracy of ledger balances and related reconciliations and roll forwards; propose or create adjustments and schedules
  • Educate client on the audit team requirements for documentation and transaction support; ensure client resources are available, ensure client understands documents needed by the auditors, as well as the timing requirements


  • Documentation of newly issued or newly applicable technical guidance matters 
  • ASC 606: Evaluate contracts and revenue recognition methods
  • Gain an understanding and document nature of customer contracts for revenue recognition; create proper Percentage Of Completion schedule
  • ASC 842: Implementation of lease guidance


  • Work with client or CPA firm partner on due diligence or evaluation of Quality of Earnings reports for potential acquisition.
  • Purchase Price Allocations: evaluate or develop allocations and entries for stock and asset purchases
  • Assist with integration of acquired company systems, processes, and personnel 
  • Implement covenant compliance procedures for new or modified debt agreements
  • Advise on impact of potential transactions on covenants, GAAP financial statements, etc. 

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