When do you know your company needs Imperial services? 

Take this short self-assessment  to learn how we can help your company improve its accounting processes.  If you answer “yes” to five or more of the items below, it could be an indication you can benefit from Imperial’s experience.

Ask Yourself

Does it take more than 5 days to close your monthly books?

The same person in your organization reconciles your bank accounts and can write checks?

Management reports are late or non-existent?

Your revenue forecasting is inaccurate or non-existent?

Receivables are more than 60 days old?

Invoices are late being sent to customers?

Financial planning is not current or detailed enough?

Your current CPA is spending extra time to clean your records in order to prepare a tax return?

Cash flow projections are inaccurate?

You have outgrown the capabilities and capacity of your current accounting team?

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